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UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 15, 2023

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Mega cities like Mumbai and New York will face serious impacts from rising sea levels, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned as he exhorted the global community to address climate crisis, which he said is the root cause of rising seas. Rising seas are sinking futures. Sea-level rise is not only a threat in itself. It is a threat-multiplier. For the hundreds of millions of people living in small island developing states and other low-lying coastal areas around the world, sea-level rise is a torrent of trouble, Guterres said at the U.N. Security Council debate on Sea-Level Rise- Implications for International Peace and Security. He asserted that rising seas threaten the very existence of some low-lying communities and even countries.

Antonio noted that global average sea levels have risen faster since 1900 than over any preceding century in the last 3,000 years and the global ocean has warmed faster over the past century than at any time in the past 11,000 years.

Antonio said that according to the World Meteorological Organisation, even if global heating is miraculously limited to 1.5 degrees, there will still be a sizeable sea-level rise.

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