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DEHRADUN, August 29, 2022, (TBINN)

In Ranipokhri, a settlement of capital city of Uttarakhand a shocking incident happened wherein a 47-year-old man allegedly stabbed and killed his 36-year-old wife, three daughters aged nine, 11 and 13 alongwith 75-year-old mother and slit all of their throats because his wife disrupted his puja today

Accused identified as Mahesh Kumar, hails from Banda, Uttar Pradesh and was living with his family including wife Neetu Devi, mother Beetan Devi and daughters Aparna, Swarna and Annapurna. Reportedly, his eldest daughter, 15-year-old Krishna, is the lone survivor in the family as she lives with her paternal aunt in Hishikesh, where she studies.

Sources say Mahesh Kumar remained unemployed for the past decade and used to dedicate most of his time to prayers and puja at home. His brother Umesh, who works in Spain, would send him money for monthly expenses.

Meanwhile, S.S.P. Dehradun Daleep Singh Kunwar said the incident took place when Mahesh Kumar was performing puja today after taking a bath when his wife, who was cooking asked him to change L.P.G. Cylinder as it had run out of fuel. This enraged Mahesh. He went to the kitchen accusing Neetu of disrupting his puja and killed her and all his family members in a fit of rage.

Mahesh Kumar’s neighbour Subodh Jaiswal, also an eyewitness in the gruesome murders, who shares a common boundary wall with the family, told the Press that he rushed for help after he heard nine-year-old Annapurna’s scream. We were busy with our chores when we heard Annapurna screaming and saying, Aunty, Uncle save us. Papa has killed mom.

I crossed the boundary wall and knocked on the main door to check, but no one opened it, Jaiswal says. Meanwhile, Annapurna’s screams intensified. I then went towards a window, only to see him brutally stabbing her as she lay on the floor. I also saw the bodies of his wife and other daughter lying in a pool of blood. I begged him to spare Annapurna but he slit her throat in front of my eyes. He then turned towards the window, gestured to me with his hand to leave and closed it from inside, Jaiswal elaborates.

After killing Annapurna, Jaiswal saw Mahesh Kumar calmly cleaning the knife with his White dhoti, which he used to wear while sitting for puja, and changing into a T-shirt and trousers. Jaiswal then quickly informed the police who rushed to the spot and nabbed him after breaking open the main door of the house, which he locked from inside.

On entering, police found bodies of victims lying in a pool of blood, S.S.P. Dileep Singh Kunwar informed.

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