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DEHRADUN, Sep. 9, 2023 (TBINN)
Much to the respite of colleges in Uttarakhand, state government has introduced an umbrella act over all universities, which seems to ease the process of affiliations for all colleges.
This move of Uttarakhand’s Higher Education Ministry at the initiative of Cabinet Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, will pave smooth path for students to have scholarships.
Under the umbrella act, now any college, for example, seeking affiliation for any course spanning up to three years, will now very first year, after due inspection by the panel, will get affiliation for straight three years for that course. Next inspection will be conducted after completion of three years only now. This will save universities from the massive exercise of inspections and affiliations, each year. Therefore, affiliation inspection of a college will not be done each year now. Thus, the tedious process of getting affiliations passing through long course of forming inspection panels, reports, thereafter, submission of reports for affiliation to Raj Bhavan by the concerned university will get over.
After the above long process for affiliation, Raj Bhavan used to give affiliation after scrutiny of the long-drawn process done. Much to dismay, affiliation letters have not been given by the Raj Bhavan since 2015-16. This kept very many deserving students bereft of their scholarships.
As per Dhan Singh Rawat, Samarth Portal will once again open for undergraduate admissions which open possibilities for 13, 000 seats. Provision for giving temporary affiliation will be done by the university itself now. Importantly, now, giving affiliations will be done at the level of university’s working council. Need of Raj Bhavan has ended now.

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