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The leads to expectations of former pakistan’ s prime minister Imran khan to get arrested soon

MURREE (Pakistan), FEB 2,2023 (TBINN)

Reports coming in from Pakistan tell Rashid Ahmed,former Interior minister of Pakistan and a close ally of Imran khan,has been arrested in early hours today.

Police confirmed that Awami Muslim League (A.M.L) Cheif sheikh Rashid Ahmed was arrested from Murree motorway.

However,sheikh Rashid Ahmed contradicted the police’s version and said that the authorities took him into custody along with his nephew, Sheikh Rashid Shafiq from his house in rawalpindi and not the motorway. he said he is also fear for his life. My crime is that I’ m standing with Imran khan ,He said at the Polyvclinic Hosppital in Islamabad, Where He was taken for medical check up.

Notably Pakistan people party’s (P.P.P) Rawalpindi Division President Raja inayat Ur Rehman filled a case agaist Rashid in Isalamabad’s aabpara police station for causing a permenent danger to former president Asif Ali Zardari by alleging That P.P.P Chairman was hatching a plot to assassiante Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf’s chief Imran Khan.

In F.I.R Rehman stated That A.M.L’s chief tried to badmouth the former president and cause a permanent danger to the PPP co-chairman and his family

Meanwhile,Imran khan condemned the arrest of his close aide and blamed the interim punjab Government, led by media mogul Moshim Naqvi,for bring biased.

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