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Maiden effort by any college helps students gain knowledge and attain placements

DEHRADUN, Feb. 20, 2023 (TBINN)

In a first if its type and Initiative, Institute of Technology and Management, Dehradun, organised a workshop on working and usage of drones by Squadron Leader (Retd) Varsha Kukreti.

Chairman of I.T.M. Dehradun, Nishant Thapliyal, bearing a progressive and innovative vision, always subscribes to the teaching methodology belonging to future generation. This is the reason why I.T.M. Dehradun is always a step ahead in the field of Higher Education.

It is well understood that the coming times will need and witness great services of drones in myriad fields. These fields include security, awareness for different causes, communication and for giving boost to education and strengthening its infrastructure, traffic management and many others.

Students of I.T.M. Dehradun enjoyed the session with Sq. Leader Varsha Kukreti (Retd) and took keen interest in the subject. Specially the students of Information Technology and Mass Communication got evolved with the subject to understand how the technology related to drones could be improved and could be used for reaching out to more and more people in the interest of humanity and nation.

Since Uttarakhand happens to be in high seismic zone, therefore, threat of earthquakes and other natural calamities loom large over it. Drone-service can, in fact, play a miraculous role in rescue operations and providing relief & food materials at trying times.

Squadron Leader Varsha Kukreti looked energetic and satisfied while interacting with students of I.T.M. Dehradun. She hoped that I.T.M. Dehradun, under the leadership of its Chairman Nishant Thapliyal will always grow up to the glory in service of Education because of its pragmatic approach towards Education and Service.

This is a feature of I.T.M. Dehradun that attracts different business houses and industry to appoint its students with strong packages even before they pass out of the college. At I.T.M. Dehradun genuine placements with dream packages come in stride because of its practical and positive outlook towards Higher Education and as destiny strong placements become a destiny of its students.

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