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I.T.M. Dehradun plays an important role in the launch and release of Bathon Subero Gham – 2

DEHRADUN, May 4, 2023 (TBINN)

Today it happened to be a day of great achievement and satisfaction for Institute of Technology and Management, Dehradun, when trailer of Garhwali Movie Bathon Subero Gham – 2, got released at its campus.

Sense of achievement and satisfaction emerged from the fact that Bathon Subero Gham – 2 has been made by the support of I.T.M. Dehradun with none other than renowned and veteran producer, actor, writer and director of Garhwali Film Industry, Urmi Negi.

The film Bathon Subero Gham – 2 evinces the pain of people living in hills. Challenges and ordeals of their living have been highlighted in the film. Besides, light has also been shed on how the ever shrinking sources of livelihood in hills have compelled people to migrate to other places for a better and promising living. Not only the pain of migrated people, but the ones, especially senior citizens, left behind in villages of hills, have also been characterized meticulously.

Bathon Subero Gham – 2 also shows some possibilities that how the migration from hills can be checked in the interest of humanity in hills and for the security of the country. Overall, it can be said that Bathon Subero Gham – 2 is a heart-touching film with a difference.

Songs in the film have been written and sung by Jaagar Samrat Padam Shri Pritam Bharatwan. Music has been composed by yet another world known personality Narender Singh Negi.

Chairman of I.T.M. Dehradun, Nishant Thapliyal is always eager to serve the age-old traditions, music and culture of Uttarakhand. Perhaps, this sentiment and commitment of Nishant Thapliyal drove him to add his shoulder in the making of Garhwali Film Bathon Subero Gham – 2.

Trailer of Bathon Subero Gham – 2 was released amid much fanfare at I.T.M. Dehradun in the gracious presence of Urmi Negi and Padam Shri Pritam Bharatwan. Distinguished guests on the occasion included Chairman of I.T.M. Dehradun, Nishant Thapliyal, Director Sunil Sethi, Director Dr Bhatt, Principal Dr Anju Gairola, Registrar Ruchi and faculty members alongwith college-staff. Compering of the program was conducted by Priyank Raturi and Ishani Karki.

Garhwali Film Bathon Subero Gham – 2 is to be released tomorrow on May 5, 2023.


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