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RANCHI, August 30, 2022 (TBINN)

A horrific case has come to light from Jharkhand’s Ranchi. Bhartiya Janta Party’s leader and wife of an Ex-I.A.S. officer Seema Patra has been accused of torturing her house-help at her residence in Ranchi.

The matter came to the light after the domestic help identified as Sunita, a 29-year-old tribal woman from a village in state’s Gumla District, was rescued from the former I. A.S. Maheshwar Patra and Seema’s residence.

Acting on a tip-off from an officer of the Department of Personnel of the Jharkhand Government, Ranchi Police rescued her from the B.J.P. leader’s residence in Ashok Nagar.

However, no arrest has been made in connection with the incident till date. Horrific accusations have been levelled against B.J.P. ‘s leader Seema Patra. The woman has alleged that the B.J.P. leader broke her teeth with an iron rod and burned her with hot utensils and thrashed her regularly.

The maid added that she was also forced to lick urine and clean the toilet using her tongue. She used to thrash me with an iron rod, belt and ladle. She even branded me with a hot pan, Sunita, who couldn’t speak clearly, while narrating the torture by the Saffron Party’s leader, said.

Sunita further alleged that Seema did not even give her food and water and she was kept locked in the room. She, however, said Patra’s son Ayushmann would try to save her from his mother and she is alive because of him. Following this, he was taken to R.I.N.P.A.S., a psychiatric hospital in Ranchi, as a mental patient. According to reports, Ayushmann is still at R.I.N.P.A.S.

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